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Denise is a talented and entertaining public speaker. She is an excellent choice for keynotes, panel discussions and workshops for corporations, academic institutions and non-profit organizations.

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"As an elected official for the Arizona State House of Representatives,  I would like to congratulate you on being honored as one of the Phoenix Business Journal's 2017 Outstanding Women in Business. You have been chosen not only because of your accomplishments in the workplace, but also for your dynamic leadership.

Thank you for your contributions to our state."

Representative Heather Carter, Leg. Dist 15  Feb 2017

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The Year a Roof Rat Ate My Dishwasher: An Arizona Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs

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My New Book is Out!

The Year a Roof Rat Ate My Dishwasher: An Arizona Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs

Are you dreading going outside to shovel your car out of the snow? Are you thinking about those beautiful views of saguaro cacti you saw during that football game commercial a few years back? Have you ever thought of moving your family to or starting a business in Arizona? But then you worry about 115 degrees and AR-15-toting militia men? Are you already in Arizona and wonder how soon you can escape? Denise Meridith’s first book—Thoughts While Chillin’—discussed, with humor and pathos, how she, a Black girl born in Brooklyn, overcame segregation and sexism to become leader of a major Federal agency overseeing 260 million acres of public lands and a $1.1 billion budget. This sequel again takes a light-hearted approach, to describe how she has thrived in her post-government career as a business woman in the fifth largest city which few people know and fewer people understand. The Year A Roof Rat Ate My Dishwasher:  An Arizona Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs provides lessons and advice for ambitious small business owners, as well as those former road warriors who just want to retire.  

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To engage Denise for speaking engagements, contact her at worldsbestconnector@gmail.com

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